Quarterly Newsletter. Issue II. September, 2018

The quarterly Newsletter is here!

This Newsletter Issue describes LWF's dedication towards working against poverty, promoting justice and defending human rights. It also entails information on how LWF works to encourage community empowerment and self-reliance by empowering the ‘less’ empowered like refugees and other vulnerable members of the community through both cash and non-cash programming.

This Issue also entails an interesting section about LWF's refugee response duties, it describes the organization’s life-saving humanitarian assistance to over 450,000 refugees in Uganda's settlements by improving their Access to Clean Safe Water; Sanitation and Hygiene, Food Security and Nutrition, Vocational Skills among youth, Protection for vulnerable groups of people as well as upholding Peaceful Coexistence among refugees and between the refugee and host communities.

Don’t miss to read about LWF’s efforts towards Environmental Conservation through influencing tree planting in Uganda's Northern region. 

Enjoy reading it.

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