We are committed to accountable and transparent ways of working with all stakeholders. The LWF is certified under the 2010 HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management. We are a signatory to the Code of Conduct for


Commitment to Accountability

We are committed to accountable and transparent ways of working with all stakeholders

The LWF is certified under the 2010 HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management. We are also a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief.

In an effort to be accountable to stakeholders, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Uganda strives to meet and surpass the expectations of its stakeholders; donors, partners, persons of concern, and the public. There may however, be occasions when LWF does not meet the reasonable expectations of all stakeholders at all times.  LWF- UG stakeholders have a right to raise a concern, give feedback and if necessary lodge a complaint when this occurs.

LWF promotes zero tolerance to corruption and transparent ways of working with all stakeholders. LWF strives to address concerns quickly and effectively so that issues are resolved to the satisfaction of the concerned person and do not progress to the level of a complaint. Programme level concerns should be raised and discussed with responsible employees as close to the activity as possible.


LWF will accept the following complaints: 

  • Sexual exploitation and abuse (Activities that could result in physical, sexual or psychological harm)
  • Child protection (Any form of violence, injury or abuse, neglect, maltreatment or exploitation)
  • Harassment (Forms of harassment resulting in physical, sexual or psychological harm to individuals)
  • Fraud and corruption
  • Unethical business practices
  • Any form of abuse of power
  • Physical and psychological abuse
  • Criminal offences

All complaints reported will be handled with utmost CONFIDENTIALITY


How to lodge a complaint 

A complaint should be lodged as soon as possible after the complainant becomes aware of the concern, in order to maximize the effectiveness of any potential investigation.

LWF welcomes complaints and takes feedback positively, and thus would like to deal with them in a structured manner:

LWF-UG has a functional Complaints and Response Mechanism structure that include but not limited to a complaint mechanism policy and procedure, a complaints email address; complaints@lwf.or.ug, complaint reporting form, Code of Conduct.

Note: Complaints should be made no later than six months from the date when the incident happened. Information reported will be treated with utmost confidentiality.


Can you report anonymously?

Yes, you can. However, LWF strongly encourages individuals making complaints to disclose their identity so that a proper and thorough investigation can proceed. Anonymous complaints are difficult to deal with as their investigation is dependent on limited and questionable information.


Complaints not addressed by the policy 

Complaints such as, but not limited to, the complaints listed below are not addressed by this policy.  However, the Lutheran World Federation may respond to such complaints and/or refer them to a relevant party:

  • Complaints against a partner organisation of LWF: Such complaints must be addressed directly between the partner organisation and complainant. Any such complaints received by LWF will be referred back to the partner organization for action.
  • Complaints related to employment contracts of staff of LWF and employee terms and conditions. Such complaints are covered by employer National Staff Policy
  • All LWF staff grievances: These are covered by the LWF National staff policy
  • Complaints that are already the subject of legal proceedings.

LWF will not respond to the following complaints:

  • Complaints against a policy or position which has being taken by LWF- UG, LWF Global unless that policy or position is in breach of LWF policy or standard.



DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy & Procedures

LWF Uganda is a country program of the Lutheran World Federation’s Department for World Service (DWS), which puts responding to complaints from stakeholders at the core of its commitment to accountability.

The DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy and Procedure defines what a complaint is and the areas of responsibility of LWF/DWS staff, as well as detailing how to register, process and investigate a complaint.

Learn more and download the Policy

LWF Staff Code of Conduct

The LWF Staff Code of Conduct Regarding Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Abuse of Power, Fraud and Corruption helps all LWF employees to make ethical decisions in their professional and private lives.

The Code refers to any misuse of power and exploitation in the working relationships among LWF employees and with those they serve, in areas of sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment, fraud and corruption, and unethical business practices.

All LWF employees are required to adhere to the Code.

Learn more and download the Code of Conduct