Ways to give

We need your support!

In emergencies, a fast response is essential. Be it natural disaster or man-made conflict, people who have been displaced need shelter, water, food and clothing as quickly as possible. A timely response decides whether a disaster becomes a personal tragedy.

Effective help, however, does not stop here. It empowers people to get back on their feet, to re-build their livelihoods and improve disaster preparedness. Effective help means to address the causes of suffering through awareness raising, peace-building and advocacy.

For all that, we need your contribution.

You may donate for a certain country or support the LWF with a general donation. Your contribution then will be used where it is needed most.

Ways to give

Make a donation, extend clean water to refugees

With one borehole, an average of 500 refugees in Uganda's settlements access clean water. It requires 5619.55 US Dollars to drill each to completion.

Make a daily or monthly donation today to help refugees access clean water. Your donation will improve refugees lives.

#Save a life!

Feed a migrant family

Donate 20 US Dollars today, bless a standard migrant family of six with a meal. 

#Make a daily or mothly donation, save a life!

Non food items and sanitary kits

Away from home, South Sudanese flee to Uganda with nothing. In settlements, they need core relief items (CRIs) (tarpulins, blankets, kitchen sets, jerrycans, basins, utensils, clothes) and sanitary kits for better hygiene (sanitary pads, knickers and soap) 

A sanitary kit costs 7 US Dollars while a CRIs kit goes for 28 US Dollars. 

Donate now! Make an immediate life changing impact!

Psycho-social support

As a result of war, refugees suffer from depression and severe mental disorder hence the need for professional psycho-social support like counselling. 

An 85 US Dollar donation could improve a migrant's pyscho-social state.