LWF Uganda phases out paper-based tendering to an electronic system

A photo showing the LWF Uganda e-tender site page


LWF Uganda has automated its tendering system where tender documents are submitted and accepted through electronic means, contrary to the paper-based system, requiring bidders to pick hard copies of documents and later submit them physically. 

The electronic system rolled out in March 2021 aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the bidding process.


 How the electronic tendering system works

  • Interested bidders shall view, download, apply, and submit their bids electronically by uploading all the tender documents through the site. 
  •  The system also has a chat integration feature that allows one to submit their request for clarifications, and all the interested bidders will receive the feedback given.
  • The Data security and integrity features on the system allow for storing the e-tender bidding data in the Standard Query Language (SQL) server in sensitive encrypted forms that no one can access and view the bidding documents before the formal opening date. 
  • Once the bidder submits the bid, the system will provide a random-access key to each bidder, which they will have to physically present on the day of public tender opening for their bid to be accessed from the server/system.
  • The good news is that even those who cannot attend the public bid/tender opening can share their access codes electronically to LWF through a secure integrated feature on the same date to have their bids accessed.
  • The system also offers first and reliable communication and around the clock service with no human interventions.
  • Vendors can also create accounts and register their company profiles online, regularly updating when needed. This way, they will receive notifications about new tenders/business opportunities from LWF to apply while in the comfort of their office premises.
  • Finally, after the evaluation process, the system displays the winning bidder's name and the amount. At the same time, it displays feedback to the unsuccessful bidders with reason.
A photo showing an e-tender notice published on the LWF Uganda e-tender site page



  • The system is cost-effective to both the bidders and the organization since the former will be able to access, apply and submit bids from the comfort of their office premises, hence reduced the cost of doing business.
  • With this system, larger markets/suppliers are made more accessible by displaying business opportunities on our e-tender site, thus increasing competition among bidders.
  • On the other hand, due to the reduced use of hardcopies, LWF will save on archival and storage costs, translating to environmental and financial benefits.

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