LWF drills 84 new boreholes and rehabilitates 56 others to increase water access

One of the beneficiaries sips water from a newly rehabilitated borehole in Pader district


In 2021, LWF with funding from Charity: water  constructed 84 boreholes in the water stretched districts of Kitghum and Pader in Northern Uganda. Charity: water is a non-profit organization based in the USA that provides drinking water to people in developing nations. Under the Pii En Kwo (Water is Life) project, 56 other nonfunctional boreholes were rehabilitated to increase sustainable access to safe and clean water supply as well as improve sanitation at both household and institutional level.


“We also conducted a water point survey in the neighbouring Agago district to ascertain the boreholes’ functionality status,” Ms Prudence Tumukwase, the project Manager stated. “Part of the work in year two will be rehabilitating those [boreholes] that were found nonfunctional,” Ms Tumukwase assured..

The district Water Reports put functionality of water systems in the three districts at; 59 percent in Kitgum, 61.7percent in Agago and 76.3 percent Pader districts. The project also targets strengthening the capacity of local structures like water user Committees to sustainably manage the water facilities and reduce the distance covered by individuals while fetching water.


Staff supports a beneficiary to pump water from the borehole

Each water point in the target communities will serve at least 200 daily users not counting the unique users. It is anticipated that at each borehole, persons will spend utmost 30 minutes both in travels. Through community structures like the Village Health Teams (VHTs), the project promotes sanitation and hygiene campaigns targeting households.Charity: water funding directly contributes to realization of SDG 6 contributing to increased access and sustainable management of water and sanitation for rural communities in Northern Uganda.