Lady in Building & Construction, a male dominated vocation

A Congolese refugee young lady constructs a house in Rwamwanja settlement. She was trained in Building and Construction at Kagadi Training Institute with support from the American Government through LWF.


"One day I went to base camp and found a girl from Mahani building at the site there. I was very shocked; I could not imagine a woman building." Notes one of the graduates who was supported by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) with funding from The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM). Interested in challenges, the graduate thought it wise to also try the vocation. She had a conversation with the lady builder who later became her mentor in the vocation. "We bacame friends, both applied for vocational training in Building and Construction Practice. We fortunately got the opportunity to be sponsored for the course at URDT by LWF with funds from PRM."

It took a whole month for the two ladies to catch up with the men who always mastered the skills quickly and with ease. After 6 months of training, the ladies were graduated and started constructing houses for a living. "I enjoyed the course much although it was short – the Trainers were good. Both the trainers and fellow students respected and worked with us despite us being ladies." Says the graduate. 

She continues to explain that back home in Rwamwanja settlement, she has experienced only a little work related discrimination because because of her gender. "My only problem is that I don't have all the required skills in building and construction. We were trained for a very short time and I didn't master some of the skills. I can for instance confidently construct a house but I can't do the measurements." Adds the graduate who also  encourages other girls in Rwamwanja refugee settlement to take on male dominated vocations.